Charlie Stocker

Customer Care

Born and raised in Hereford, I grew up trekking through the woods and countryside and getting dirty. I've always had a passion for animals, ever since I can remember. I'm most passionate about Dogs and Invertebrates, especially Arachnids. Known as the 'Crazy Spider Lady', because I have over 20 pet Spiders, 3 Snakes and a Scorpion! (although the number is forever increasing). 

I am also owned by a very smart but stubborn rescue Malamute x Husky and an EBT x Pomsky who are my world.

I've always had an interest in Marine life and after coming face to face with a huge Moray Eel in Egypt, my enthusiasm has been sparked to become a qualified Scuba Diver. In my free time, you will find me in front of my TV gaming on my Xbox, or behind my Camera.

My dream is to have my own rescue centre, but I enjoy being able to help comfort clients' animals, having cuddles and being a friendly face to owners who bring their pets to us.