All of our consultations are made on a prior appointment basis, but emergencies are given priority.

Consultations are around 15 minutes, but sometimes vets can run late when dealing with sensitive subjects so we do ask for your patience.

We have separate consulting rooms and waiting rooms for cats and dogs to help minimise stress levels. Remember, not all dogs like cats and vice versa.

We do ask that small furries, including cats, are in an appropriate carrier and all dogs must be on leads whilst in the waiting room. Please do not be offended if we request for your animal to be contained.

Nurse Consultations are available Mon-Fri between 10:00-17:00. 

Nurses can offer advice on weight, tick removal, apply suitable parasite treatments, nail clipping and much more.

Some pets get very stressed in a practice situation, and you may prefer it if we arranged a House Visit. However please be aware that there is a limit to what we can do in your home and in certain cases, a House Visit is not an appropriate option. Euthanasia can also be performed at home and some people prefer this option to that of bringing their pet to the Practice. 

Please note that House Visits are not the standard Consultation price.