Keeping Pets safe this Firework Season

Every year fireworks cause our pets distress and we see a rise in pets requiring medication during the firework season. 

It is estimated that 45% of dogs in the UK show signs of fear when they hear fireworks but there are lots of things you can do to help your pet deal with them. 

  • Walk dogs in the morning or afternoon and avoid times fireworks are likely to be set off. If your dog needs a toilet break, wait until the fireworks are over and keep them on a lead. 

  • Make sure your house is escape proof. Close all windows and doors and lock dog/cat flaps. Block off any areas that are unsuitable.

  • Try and mask the sound. Turn on a TV/radio and close the curtains so pets aren't startled by the flashing lights.

  • Make a den for your pet. This could be a covered cage with blankets and items of your clothing inside so pets can burrow and hide. Make sure your pet has access to this den at all times.

  • We see a rise in a number of 'strays' handed in to us in firework season. Make sure to keep microchip details up to date and ensure your dog is wearing a collar with an ID tag. 

  • Check when and where local firework displays are happening in your area and ask neighbours if they are planning their own display.

  • Partly cover outside hutches and pens with blankets and towels to minimise the sound of the fireworks but allow another area for animals to see out and provide ventilation.

  • Provide bedding for small animals to burrow in or consider bringing them indoors (this should be done in advance so plan ahead).

  • Provide your dog with a high-value treat/bone or toy as this may distract them and help calm them down.

  • Comfort your pet if they are acting scared but try to stick to your normal routine. Don't shout at them if they have an accident or destroy something in the house.

We stock Herbal, over the counter medications like Nutracalm, Adaptil, Feliway and Zenifel.

We also offer prescription medications but a consultation with the vet is required prior to prescribing. 

Please call us or pop into the practice for more information and advice.

For information on the law regarding fireworks, please visit: