Pet insurance

Why do you need insurance?

Insurance is something we know we need, and our pets are no different. Pet insurance can provide owners with a peace of mind when managing unexpected vet bills if your pet falls ill or needs emergency medical treatment. 

In some cases, insurance policies are not limited to trips to vets - they can also cover the price you paid for your pet, should it get lost or stolen and in some levels of cover, can also pay out if you have to cancel your holiday because your pet needs emergency surgery. 

Policies can offer many different types of cover, from accident-only or accident and illness to lifetime cover. You will need to find the right protection for your pet, so it is important for you to do your research and determine what policy best suits your pet and provide the most value.

We recommend pet insurance for all of our clients and can help with all new puppies and kittens - obtaining 1 months free cover with their first check up. We recommend many types of cover but emphasise the need for lifetime cover. 

We also offer the completion of forms for claims and can email many companies directly to save you time and money. 

Speak to Charlie on Reception for more information regarding insurance claims.

Please note that from the 1st March 2019 there will be a charge of £6.00 for every direct claim made. (If you send your forms personally, this does not apply).