We are stockists of Acana and Orijen and we boast a large selection of flavours and sizes. Whilst we try to maintain a full stock list, there might not be a flavour/size in stock - not to worry, we are able to order it in. (But please allow a few days for delivery)

Acana and Orijen features a variety of fresh meats from local ranch-raised red meats, free-run poultry and wild caught fish, providing a nourishing diversity of proteins and fats to promote peak health.

It is free of grains, potato, tapioca and starch ingredients. It features low-glycaemic fruit and vegetables instead, which provides your pet with important vitamins and nutrients.

Acana and Orijen is loaded with up to 85% meat - THREE times as much as conventional dog foods and is entirely free of plant protein ingredients.

We stock a wide range of Natures Menu including treats. 

Natures Menu uses naturally steam cooked meaty meals with single and dual protein options, perfect for allergy prone dogs or those on exclusion diets. 

It is packed with 80% real meats, seasonal vegetables, fruits and wholesome goodness. A complete and balanced grain free meal that dogs will love. 

Natures Menu boasts real meaty treats for Cats and Dogs, with 95% real meat for maximum flavour - the PURRFECT training tool!

We also stock a range of Prescription diets, suitable for animals with special dietary requirements. 

For any enquiries regarding prescription diets please pop in or phone us and speak to a member of staff.